Friday, March 12, 2010

Guest Post on BabyCheapskate

One of my favorite blogs did a series on Budget Nurseries and I got the opportunity to guest post. You can read it here:

Enjoy and please refrain from making fun of me for being a nerd.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring is coming...

I am so ready for Spring to be here I can hardly stand it. Besides the weather factor, it means I can finally get my first garden started. I've always wanted to do a garden and I've never had the space (NYC apartments are too conducive). Dad has agreed to let me use a small spot of land on his property since Stepford won't allow any kind of garden that isn't semi-landscaping. After all, I'm Vice President of the Social Committe... can't go pissing the community people off.

So this past weekend I started my tomato seedlings with the help of my expert resource Pat, my mother in law. Besides having majored in horticulture, she has been a gardening fool her entire life. She gave me the confidence that I can really do this. We'll see if I live up to her expectation. I've decided to start the tomato plants in a little greenhouse type of tray inside the house. I have 36 plants here. I am actually hoping not all of them survive because holy cow that's a lot of tomatoes Batman.

The latest on Lainabug

Laina has been doing so many new things lately. I find myself excited for the crawling stage that she is about to enter but also cringing. Lately when I put her down in the living room to do something in the kitchen, I return to a child who is on the other side of the room. Right now she just rolls and scoots her way around but she's figuring out very quickly that on all 4's is where it is at.
Happy Valentine's Day (I made this horrible shirt but she didn't seem to mind that I made her wear it)

The biggest difference is that she really has a personality. She LOVES to play and what most moms warned me would happen has started, she doesn't want to snuggle... she wants down so she can play. I love it but also will miss having her be such a snuggle bug.

Dan's favorite game to play with her is blocks... and boy do we have plenty.

She watches as Dan puts something together and as soon as he hands it over, she proceeds in systematically taking it a part until it's one big pile of blocks. I wonder where she gets that...

Laina and Cousin Tristan. He likes to show her how to work the toys and then moves on to play with his own matchbox cars.

Laina "exploring the sound of her voice" as the doctor would put it. Mostly we call it yelling.

With Dan, headed to daycare. She LOVES to stand now. In fact if you're near her and she seems to be reaching for you, she's not. She wants your hands to pull her up to the standing position like this.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Next to my desk in the office I have a list of things I wanted to do in 2010. It includes things like cutting out pop (soda for some of you) and fast food, lose 10 pounds, complete 1 creative project per month and down towards the bottom of the list is "Blog 3x's per month"

As you can see... I have not been keeping up with that one. The first few I'm proud to say that I'm making great strides in but alas the blog has been neglected.

We've had tons of stuff going on lately that I can blog about, just so little time to do it. So I'm making a public declaration that I will catch up on my blogging very soon!!! (Public Declaration is relative considering I don't even know that many actually read the blog...) :)

Hope you're looking forward to spring as much as i am! More to come soon!