Thursday, April 15, 2010

My New Nephew: Truman Forest Aitkens

Last Friday we welcomed a new addition to our family. My sister, Julie, after a very long and hard pregnancy gave birth with 2 pushes (TWO!!!) to the new little man, Truman Forest. Julie was actually preparing to take a nap when she said to the nurse "i think my epidural may be wearing off, I feel something". After I convinced her to let them check her, we discovered that she was about to have the baby! I mean what would have happened if I hadn't told her to just let them check... "Uh, nurse, why is my crotch crying?"

We didn't know the name beforehand which is something my husband and I did as well. I mean who wants to hear other people's opinions on the name you've carefully chosen for your child? I don't! It also adds to the excitement of the day since we already knew he was a boy. Truman is such a good, unique but traditional name.

The best picture, in my opinion, is the one of all the cell phones taking pictures. It is very representative of the times we live in.

proud Grandparents

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

This past weekend was our first official family Easter celebration. Neither Dan or I are involved in organized religion so while we did not attend the obligatory Church service (which Laina would NOT have done well with since she's a squirmy-wormy lately) but we did go to my aunt's house and enjoyed the food, of course.

I keep saying Laina is about to crawl (for about a month now), well this weekend she actually took her first few crawling"steps". She still hasn't mastered it but she definitely knows how to get from A to B if she really wants something. She made her way over to the fireplace and pulled up... I can feel the days of a stationary kid slipping away...
We've really been excited with the warm weather lately and I've tried to get Laina out into the sun as much as possible since she really hasn't been able to be outside most of her life. We've been over at the neighbor's house playing with their twins who are so great with Laina. She loves playing with the big kids.

Dan can't wait until she's big enough to play basketball with him. I have a feeling I may have a little tom boy in the making. :)

Hope you're enjoying your spring!