Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey Day Coming Up!

Laina is now 5 months old and I"m realizing how behind I"m getting on many things (including blogging). I won't blame it on her but it does feel like my lack of time really began in late June... hmmm...

Anyway lots of exciting things have been happening in the Shepard household lately. We are very blessed with another little nephew that will be joining us in early April! Julie is due April 8th, 2010. So this Turkey Day we will be giving thanks for more than just our beautiful family but also the future ones who will join us. Unfortunately Laina will have to wait another year before she partakes of the turkey... just rice cereal for now but I have a feeling some one will slip her some mashed potatoes when I'm not looking. Hope your holiday season reminds you not only of what you have to be thankful for but also what lies ahead.

Laina & Dan on Halloween!