Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Goodbye 2009!

Well as the year comes to a close, it makes me very happy to realize that this past year everything seemed to go our way. Here are some of the really exciting things that happened in 2009 for the Shepard Family.
  • Laina joined our family
  • We purchased our first home in a beautiful neighborhood that I lovingly refer to as Stepford
  • Dan won the award for sales person of the year in his job!
  • We had a new neice join us, Alex and found out that a new nephew is on the way in 2010
  • Many of our friends also expanded their families (it was the year of the baby)
  • Dan's Grandmother successfully navigated her way through 2 surgeries within a few months of each other and is on the road to a full recovery
  • Both of our extended families have been lucky enough to be healthy, happy & employed
There are many more things that made this a great year for us but this is just the few highlights. Hope you were as blessed as we were this year. Hope you have a wonderful New Year's! Goodbye 2009!

Merry Christmas 2009!

Everyone told us that this Christmas would be different. Everyone said it's totally different when you have a little one. It absolutely was very different this year. We finally had a reason to get up on Christmas morning and have a little Shepard Christmas. Usually Dan and I end up doing something boring like buying a joint present, so there's really nothing to do on Christmas morning. Well this year we actually had stocking presents and really took the time to have a traditional Christmas morning. It was very exciting to see Laina's face even though we both knew she didn't really get it. She had a great time.

1/2 year old

12/21 marked the milestone of 6 months for the Laina bug. (Since Halloween when she was the lady bug, her nick name has become Lainabug.) She has just started sitting up on her own and really rolling over from her back to her tummy. I was getting a little concerned that she had little interest in doing either for a while but this past few weeks she has really taken big steps in her development. Now she is really able to play on the floor by herself and she seems to enjoy her new found independence.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Laina's first trip to MU!

Over Thanksgiving we decided to take a trip to the Mizzou Campus and show Laina around to her future school. (Obviously if she chooses.... but she will... oh yes, she will.) It was a beautiful day so we were able to get some good pictures of her in the cheerleading jumper. Here she is exploring the campus map. We also took some great pictures at the columns. The campus almost looks the same as when Dan and I were there. I love reminiscing. College was so much fun.


This past weekend the Shepard Family went hunting for a worthy Christmas tree to adorn with the few ornaments we have. Luckily there was a place right up the road. It was pretty cold and windy but my little trooper Laina hung in there.

Then I of course proceeded to place her in front of it and take tons of pictures of her.

I am really excited for our first Christmas with our new addition. I know she's not quite old enough to appreciate all that the holidays offer with friends & family and food of course... but it's just going to be so much more special with her there. I always get very sentimental as the years come to close. Maybe it's because the holidays make me realize how lucky I am or the excitement of a brand new year and a chance to accomplish something great in life. I think for 2009 we didn't do too shabby in that department. For now I'll just enjoy these moments, hope you do the same!