Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Charlotte Elaine Fulton, my grandma

I've been dreading posting this news but have decided that it will be good to just get it out there. My Grandmother Elaine, who I am named after, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma early in the summer. She has just completed her chemotherapy and begins radiation soon. She has been amazingly strong throughout the entire ordeal and inspiring to me. I went with her on her last chemo treatment where she schooled me on the "red devil", aptly named for its red color and ability to make your hair fall out. I took her picture to mark the occasion for her to look back on for years to come. Her doctor has been extremely positive about her prognosis and has assured us that this is "curable".

When we moved back here there were many factors that played into the decision. The first reason I usually give people is that my sisters have started to have children and we wanted to be around to see them grow up. Of course explaining the other factors usually isn't necessary because most take the first reason as enough explanation. One of the reasons I don't often share is to be with my grandmother. I can't explain the relationship we have other than to say we are connected in some way. She understands me like no one else and I'd like to think that I understand her better than most. I missed having her in my life to guide me and help navigate situations that life brings. Moving back to Kansas City brought us back together. She's wonderful and I hope I can be just like her when I grow up. Go Grandma!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lake Party Weekend

Beware: Debauchery Below!
This year was our first year at Lake Party Weekend and we really had an awesome time. Liz & Mike came in town from New York which made it so much better. I filtered out all the really bad pictures but here's some good ones from the weekend.
Dan & Mike in front of an establishment that seems to define them.

Who knew a noodle could be such a good beer bong?

Mike & Lizzie, so happy.

Julie & Doug... so happy... with wingy.

Here's the group all having a great time... wait, are those swim trunks I see on the boys' arms?