Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Life in Stepford

I love our new life in our new house. I lovingly call the neighborhood Stepford given its picture perfect scenery and almost-too-nice people. The golf course out the back window is picturesque, the people walking down the street are smiling like they've just taken their latest dose of prozac. Can it be real?

I was asked to attend Ladies Bunko Night last night. I had the opportunity to meet many of these Stepford housewives (our neighborhood is actually called Creekmoor... but Stepford is much more fun to say) and I am happy to report that under the near perfect manicures and flawless makeup lie a group of women who are marginally insane, just like me. I relished the opportunity to hear them gossip about each other but I was almost disappointed to find that they didn't visciously whisper about the woman down the street having an affair with the head of the property owners association... Instead, they lovingly and genuinely wanted to know our story and introduce me to their clan. Perhaps I've stumbled across a normal group of women? Nah... I'll let you know when I start to see the luster fade away as I absolutely expect to see. hehe.

In all seriousness... it was a good time and I met many women of all ages who seemed to think it was funny when my sarcasm was revealed, though not completely... I mean, it was the first time... didn't want to scare them. I think I will find many ladies here who I will enjoy as good friends.

In other news, the cat has now completely settled into her new home. She tends to follow us pretending that she doesn't NEED to be in the same room... she just WANTS to... important distinction for cats.
And baby is really moving around. Still some kicking but now much more squirming. Today I actually can see my belly shift as she moves around in there which is a new experience. I have to say, there is absolutely nothing maternal coming through yet... it's just plain weird. "Hey! Who's in there?? What are you dooooing????"

Can't wait to meet her.