Monday, February 8, 2010

Fun times at Grandpa Greg's

Since Laina was still sick, she wasn't cleared to go back to daycare until this week. In order to cover the days when she was home last week, we shuffled her through the grandparents' care each day. Thursday she went to Grandpa Greg's (my dad) and wore them out. One thing that I've started to notice is that Laina is pretty entertained with anything lately. We no longer have a car full of accessories every time we take her somewhere. On Thursday morning I literally dropped her off with her diaper bag & food and said "have fun!". She found a bunch of friends to play with while she was there. Post your quotes below... what do you think is going on in this picture?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

RSV Adventures

Laina bug caught a bug. Last Friday when I took her to get her booster shots for the flu & H1N1 she had a slight fever and a runny nose. I asked them to take a look but figured it was another cold.

The nurse started looking her over and said the doctor would be in the room in a moment. It was then that he informed us she could possibly have RSV. Dan immediately said "rotavirus??" which is his biggest fear and the only vaccination he actually knows by name. The Dr. told us that RSV was a respiratory virus that a ton of kids get and that they would need to test her. So they did a little nasal swab and said the results would be back in 15 minutes.... 5 minutes later the Dr came in and said "well that didn't take long".

So apparently the real danger for kids under the age of 1 is that they'll get a ton of fluid built up in their lungs and it'll cause them to work harder for oxygen... thus, wearing them out. He said to watch for her breathing rapidly and not to be surprised if she required hospitalization because they send about 20% of their patients there.

You can see where this is going... we ended up spending a few nights at Children's Mercy South. She did ok with the entire situation and actually enjoyed having mom & dad right there all the time to entertain her. I think she smiled more in those few days then she ever does. The pediatricians at the hospital were pretty laid back saying that she looked great while our pediatrician in the office was a little less "cavalier" as he put it. I didn't really know who to believe at times. In the end, she did a great job with the whole hospital, people in masks situation. I'm glad to have her home where she belongs. The cough she still has is pretty rough but all in all she's pretty happy.

Stay healthy this winter! We'll certainly be glad when spring is here and we don't have to worry about this yucky stuff anymore.