Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Well with the imminent arrival of Santa Clause tomorrow night, I wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas... or a wonderful holiday... whatever you celebrate!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter Follies

This winter has come on really quickly. We were really lucky to be in the suite for Dan's work at the Big 12 Championship. Unfortunately, the game wasn't that exciting but hey at least we were in the heat. The heat is also probably why I fell asleep towards the end of the game. Hey, when you're not drinking and its 10pm, you get tired! Blame it on pregnancy, blame it on a boring blow out of a game... whatever... I am only slightly ashamed that I fell asleep sitting next to one of Dan's clients. At least she thought it was funny.

My little man Tristan is really active now. He actually runs... I mean... RUNS everywhere. Its like all of a sudden he wants to catch up for the last 15 months when he was just hanging out in one spot. To that end, he is really hard to get a clear picture of anymore. He won't sit still. My sister asked me to take a picture of him for their Christmas card and I had a pretty hard time getting very many that were any good. The one above actually turned out ok. Another funny thing about him lately is that he is full on with the adult food... give him a chicken pattie fresh from the microwave and he is happier than a pig in sh&*. (Dan would disagree with that statement because he says pigs don't actually roll around in their own feces... but whatever.)
I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season so far.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Rabbit Died...

Well, its official. I am 12 weeks pregnant today. I feel like the last two months have been the longest months of my life, just waiting to see if everything is "ok" and we actually make it to the 12 week mark. I'm an odds person and once I found out that my odds for a miscarriage after we saw or heard the heartbeat went down to less than 5%, I felt so much better. When we actually saw the ultrasound and the heartbeat, I felt even more relaxed. Dan is really excited too and surprises me daily when he either acts nonchalant or brings up some small detail of how we'll raise our child. I guess we're both adjusting and getting used to the idea.