Friday, August 21, 2009

2 Months Already!

Well it happened... I blinked and already Laina is 2 months old. She is smiling more and more, though I still haven't caught many on camera. She now weighs 11lbs 13oz and is 23" long! She's 75% percentile in all categories, so she's very proportional. Dr. Jeff says she's already showing signs of development that they would see in a 4 month old! My little overachiever. :) I still can't believe she's mine sometimes and keep reminding myself that no one is coming to pick her up to take her home... she's staying with us forever! It's pretty wild. I got a new video camera to start catching all her little moments in High Definition... so stay tuned, I'm sure I'll have some fun videos pretty soon. For now, happy 2 month birthday little girl! Enjoy the rest of your summer, it's going fast.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The First Smile!

On Thursday, August 6th we got our first smile from Laina. It was right after she had eaten and then I'd changed her diaper. We knew she was getting close but this was the first real open mouth joyous smile and it nearly brought me to tears! I quickly got my camera and tried to recreate the moment but I only caught a partial... still, you can tell she's close. If there was ever any doubt that we are wrapped around her little finger, it is sealed now. She hasn't give us a smile since but instead has enjoyed watching us do everything under the sun to entertain her and get another one. It must be nice being a baby and watch adults act like idiots.
Below is the partial smile picture. I'll post the full meal deal once I get it on camera. She's so cute. :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lake Baby!

I'm excited to report that Laina LOVES the lake. She relaxed and slept almost the entire day on Saturday. She loved the breeze on her face and fell asleep almost instantly when I sat in the porch swing. I never knew a baby could sleep so much and still sleep through most of the night...
Cousin Tristan LOVED her sunglasses.
Julie holding Laina while she sleeps the day away on the dock.

Cry Baby Cry!

Last week I took Laina to Dr. Jeff (her pediatrician) because I thought she might be having some belly problems. She seemed to cry quite a bit after she ate and if she's anything like her parents, she'd be happy after eating! Dr. Jeff said she has acid reflux and put her on the newborn strength prescription of Zantac. He said we should see a big difference after a week. Well, it's been a week and what a different baby... well, almost. At least now the crying isn't due to belly pain.
I've discovered that I have a cry baby on my hands. She just LOVES to be held and cuddled... which isn't very conducive to working since I've gone back part time. SOOOOO, that means she's had to get used to spending some time on her own. It's a little painful, especially since I really don't like to hear her cry but I know in the end it'll make for a more independent Laina. So, cry baby cry... :)
I'm happy to report that after just a few days of this she cries a LOT less.

Laina's Newborn Pics

At about 3 weeks, we had my cousin Katie come over and take Laina's newborn pics. Laina wasn't overly cooperative but we got plenty of good pics anyway. Katie's photography business is really thriving and I can see why. She does a great job! Visit her blog here.

I feel like Laina has really grown since even these pics were taken but I guess that's the reality with a newborn. They can't stay little forever!

Here's the link to the photos. Enjoy!